I develop 1Password.com. I studied Software Engineering and Mathematics at Pensacola Christian College.


I’ve always been fascinated by computers, but my first creative efforts were in web design. Since my early high school years, I have worked extensively with the Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, occasionally dabbling in PHP and Ruby.

In college, I expanded on all of those fronts and more, capping it off my senior year by leading a team of thirteen software engineering students to produce three modern web applications, two of which we exhibited in the annual Software Expo. I enjoyed the wide variety of responsibilities, whether parsing data in JavaScript, setting up a Linux server from scratch, designing a project logo, or assisting the Expo coordinators and designer in putting together the showcase event. It was an amazing project, and definitely the best “class” in preparation for the future.

Now, I work full time for AgileBits developing 1Password Teams and Families and helping our customers. I’d grown attached to Ruby on Rails, but I’m beginning to learn of the goodness of Go. Given the task of choosing my own title, I’m happy to call myself a “Weaver of Webs.”


I studied cello for eight years before graduating from high school, even participating in the Florida All-State Orchestra in Tampa in 2008. Though my professional studies focused elsewhere in college, I still loved to play the cello, performing with the symphonic orchestra, playing in smaller ensembles, and accompanying vocalists. Today, I continue to play in my church and at weddings, concerts, and other events.

I still believe the cello has the most beautiful sound of any musical instrument. For anyone out there wondering if the practice is worth it, it is! :)


I’m a Christian, and so glad I am. What I believe is not about rituals, though; it’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’re not a Christian, that probably sounds pretty weird, considering Jesus was nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago. Rising from the dead really doesn’t make sense except in zombie movies. But when you accept as your premise that there is an all-powerful God who is behind the incredible design of this universe, and read the Bible’s account of human history, things do start to make sense.

This section is called “Faith” for a reason, though. I can’t expect to understand everything about God, and honestly, what kind of God would He be if I could? What I can understand, though, is that God loves every person, every person has violated God’s commands (cue the word “sin”), the punishment for that sin is eternal death, Jesus was born as a man to die in our place, and His gift of life is offered to everyone who will simply accept it. And it’s the most fulfilling life I could ask for.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. The most awesome thing is that it doesn’t matter who you are – Christ extends an open invitation: “Follow Me.” He awaits your response.


In 2014, I moved to Colorful Colorado. If you’re in the Denver or Colorado Springs area, let’s meet up!